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Archery GB Instructors Award

Archery Instructor Course - to teach one off have-a-go sessions.

If you have a group of up to 12 people who want to learn how to teach archery, and all are at least 17 years old; and if you have a venue to set up the archery range - then contact me to discuss dates. 

The course teaches you how to teach new archers about archery. 

The content is delivered in a logical and informative manner.  The course runs at a pace to suit everyone’s individual learning style.  The sessions are light in tone and full of humour.

Call  07507 312454.

Reviews of Instructors Course:

"A well balanced, informative instructors course. Delivered in a friendly manner and pitched at the right level, both instructors were fountains of knowledge and shared not only course requirements but a wide array of top tips ! Delivered by people top of their game I would recommend this package to anyone travelling down this route."


"We all loved the course! We have already implemented the suggestions that you made on the course. ..... Thank you for your brilliant course and report and I will be looking forward to receiving the certificates.

Looking forward to work with you again."


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